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Bookkeeping & Office Help

Sometime our clients just need help with keeping their books straight throughout the year. Some clients are looking for some day to day assistance. Accordingly, we will create a system for you. For example:- Maybe you just want some help with some "How To's" regarding your business software. This might be help with entering a new loan or recording a new asset purchase or entering a journal to fix a problem. We support all the major software providers, including:-

some of the ways we can help

There are many ways we can implement these solutions:-

GST and business activity statements BAS

GST and BAS compliance is a chore that we all have to endure. However, we can help you make simple and stress free. Remember, if we lodge your BAS we can obtain automatic lodgement extensions.

We can either prepare your BAS from scratch or simply provide you with a review service.

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