Ellco Group - Accountants & Advisors

Business Support

Ellco Group prides itself on quick turnaround time to client enquiries. Our practice aims to achieve same or next day response to emails and returning phone calls to ensure any issues are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

No matter how quick and simple or however complex an issue is, Ellco Group is available to answer your questions and step you through any business issues that may arise. We would always prefer to be asked before a transaction goes ahead, rather than find that something was done incorrectly and have implications that could have been avoided if a quick phone call had occurred.

Not only do we provide every day business support, but we can also assist with Technical Support surrounding book-keeping programs, ATO electronic lodgement systems and Super stream solutions.

When you are pulling your hair out in frustration, give Ellco Group a call and we will assist where we can.

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