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Family Day Care Providers

From our experience in preparing Family Day Care Tax Returns we have found that no two educators are the same. What might be 100% deductible in one educator's return may only be 50% deductible in another. We see quite a number of Educators only claiming expenses that are 100% FDC use like book and toys, excursions, safety expenses. Below is a list of "joint" expenses (both FDC and privately used) that many educators are not aware that they can claim including: The above expenses are generally apportioned between business and private use percentages. This will vary for every Educator based on the number of hours they work per week and the amount of their home that is exclusively for Family Day Care use.

We are aware that in the Family Day Care industry you are constantly buying craft items, paying bills etc. and the receipts just seem to pile up. We have created an excel spreadsheet that allows you to enter you receipts/items throughout the year and you indicated whether it was all or part FDC use. We work out the percentages at the end of the year based on hours worked and the rooms used in your home.

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